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What advantages can a living will provide?

An estate plan should usually include different types of documents that establish all of a testator’s final wishes. And, while wills and trusts usually form the foundation of a good estate plan, there are other equally important documents that could be considered. One type of document that can provide specific estate planning advantages is a living will. But, what are some of the advantages of a living will?Although it sounds very much like a traditional will, a living will only expresses the testator’s desires regarding their healthcare if they become unable to communicate their wishes. Living wills are the perfect document to list the specific types of medical procedures and treatments that the testator does not want used on them for many different kinds of illnesses and diseases. Physicians and other medical professionals must follow the testator’s instructions that are placed in this kind of document.

Unfortunately, many people believe that a living will only instructs physicians to withhold medical treatment from them if they can no longer communicate their desires. However, this is incorrect. A living will can also be used by the testator to request all available medical treatments and procedures as well. It can also specify what kinds of life support measures doctors should take in order to prolong the testator’s life.

Since a living will can express the testator’s wishes regarding many different types of medical conditions, it’s a good idea for that individual to sit down with their primary physician. They can then discuss what treatments are available for the conditions that concern them.

Developing a comprehensive living will can require substantial thought and consideration. Therefore, any Florida resident who is considering a living will may want to get more information in order to discover what other kinds of benefits this type of document can provide.

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