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Fort Myers Guardianship Lawyer

Helping Clients Care for Loved Ones Who Cannot Care for Themselves

If your spouse, parent or other loved one has become physically or mentally incapacitated and has not granted anyone a valid power of attorney, you may need to pursue a guardianship in probate court to gain the legal authority to properly care for his or her personal needs and finances.

At Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., we help clients with all aspects of guardianships and litigate any disputes that may arise. Fort Myers guardianship lawyer Scott A. Kuhn, who has been practicing law in Florida since 2002, personally supervises every case our firm accepts.

Establishing Guardianships and Litigating Guardianship Disputes

Under Florida law, an adult is considered incapacitated if he or she is physically or mentally unable to manage some or all of his or her financial, health and safety needs. When someone has become incapacitated, the court may appoint a guardian to meet those needs.

Dealing with the incapacity of loved one can be difficult and emotionally intense. Our firm offers experienced, compassionate legal guidance through the guardianship process.

Guardianships can also be contentious. Either the person over whom you are trying to establish a guardianship or another interested party may object, resulting in a guardianship dispute. We can help you obtain a favorable outcome to any disputes that may arise.

Our firm also assists clients who need help establishing guardianships over minor children whose parents have died. If you have been named as a preneed guardian, or if a family member or associate has died without naming a preneed guardian, we can help.

Contact a Fort Myers Guardianship Lawyer at 239-333-4529

At Kuhn Law Firm, we are committed to providing clients with individualized guidance through the difficult issues that can arise when establishing a guardianship. To schedule a free consultation with Fort Myers guardianship lawyer Scott A. Kuhn, please contact us at 239-333-4529 or by e-mail.

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