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Fort Myers Residential Eviction Lawyer

Advising and Representing Residential Landlords

In Florida, a residential lease is a binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that can be enforced by either party through court. However, the process for doing so can be very involved and protected.

At Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., we provide attentive, individualized representation for landlords in residential eviction cases. If you need help evicting a tenant, Fort Myers eviction lawyer Scott A. Kuhn can help you obtain a needed outcome.

Understanding the Eviction Process and Each Party’s Rights

A residential tenant in Florida can be evicted for nonpayment of rent or violation of other lease terms, and the landlord must strictly follow a specific set of steps under state landlord-tenant law. The following are some important steps in this process:

  • Provide the tenant written notice to pay the rent or leave the premises.
  • File a complaint and properly serve the tenant.
  • Provide the tenant an opportunity to file an answer or otherwise defend the case in court.
  • Obtain a default judgment if the tenant does not properly answer the summons.
  • Have the sheriff’s department enforce a writ of possession and evict the tenant.

The documents that are used at each of these steps must conform with Florida law and must be accompanied by supporting evidence. Certain cities and counties may impose additional renters’ rights laws affecting the process and the defenses that are available to tenants.

Contact Our Experienced Fort Myers Residential Eviction Lawyers

At Kuhn Law Firm, we are committed to helping landlords get the results they need in residential eviction matters. For a free consultation with experienced landlord lawyer Scott A. Kuhn, contact us today at 239-333-4529 or by e-mail.

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