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Fort Myers Insurance Lawyer

We buy insurance for a couple of major reasons. Firstly, insurance coverage is required by law in many different aspects of life. Secondly, and even more importantly, we buy insurance to protect ourselves in the event of disaster, from fires, floods and sinkholes to car accidents or injuries of others on our premises. We pay our premiums on time every month, sometimes amounting to tens of thousands of dollars over the years before a claim is every made. If we ever do make a claim, we expect it to be processed and paid in a complete and timely manner.

Unfortunately, insurance does not always work the way we expect it to, and sometimes valid claims are disputed or denied. Denials of claims or disclaimers of coverage may be due to a good faith dispute between insurer and insured, but not always. Whatever the reason, count on the experienced courtroom litigators at Kuhn Law Firm, P.A. to stand up to the insurance companies and represent your interests aggressively and effectively. Our Fort Myers insurance lawyers help insurance policyholders throughout Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties get the compensation they are entitled to when faced with a denial of benefits.

Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage disputes come in many forms. When a claim is presented, the first step of the insurer is often to determine whether the policyholder has complied with all of its obligations under the policy. This may include paying premiums on time, as well as providing a timely notice of a claim or proof of loss, and taking reasonable measures to mitigate damages where appropriate. Insurance contracts, unfortunately, are examples of some of the most arcane and technically complicated of legal contracts, and it can be difficult for the average policyholder to fully understand all of the insured’s obligations under the policy. As business and commercial law attorneys who regularly negotiate and draft contracts across the spectrum of business and industry, our team is familiar with reviewing contracts, understanding terms and determining whether rights and obligations are being fulfilled and met.

Assuming the policy is valid, the insurer may next dispute whether the coverage under the policy is applicable to the claim at hand. Again, this issue may be highly technical and complex. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Kuhn Law Firm in Fort Myers are experienced in complex litigation involving probate, trusts, real estate and commercial law, and other matters, including business litigation and breach of contract disputes. Our lawyers aggressively assert your rights and present a persuasive case that demonstrates the applicability of the policy to your claim.

Bad Faith Insurance

Not all coverage disputes are rooted in good faith. Insurance companies have been known to make unreasonably low offers to pay benefits or settle a claim, to engage in undue delay in processing a claim, or to rescind (cancel) an insurance policy just to get out of paying a claim. Every insurance policy comes with an implied covenant good faith and fair dealing, and when it can be shown that the insurer acted unreasonably with an improper motive, it is possible to recover damages from the insurance carrier for the losses and harm caused. In cases where the insurer is acting unreasonably, we pursue litigation to hold them accountable for insurance bad faith practices, and to obtain the maximum in compensation for the damages caused.

Insurance Coverage Denied? Call the Kuhn Law Firm for Immediate Assistance.

When insurance is needed, it’s needed now. Don’t let a dispute over coverage hold up your ability to get the compensation you need when you need it most. Call the Kuhn Law Firm in Fort Myers for swift, aggressive action designed to get you all the benefits you are entitled to under the policy.

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