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Fort Myers Trust Dispute Lawyer

Guiding Our Clients Through High-Stakes, High-Emotion Legal Disputes

The reason people establish wills and trusts in the first place is to give people a formal, streamlined way to help their loved ones both during and after their lives.

When a will or trust becomes the subject of family disagreement, or worse, litigation, all sides are often left scrambling to determine their rights and find a way to resolve disputes fairly. Clients in Florida have turned to our firm to handle these high-stakes, high-emotion situations because our Fort Myers trust dispute lawyers offer significant negotiation and litigation experience in a sympathetic environment that understands the need for fair outcomes.

“When Can A Trust Be Challenged? How Do I Get Legal Help?”

Many of the same legal claims involved in will contests can be involved in trust disputes. These include actions that others take when seeking to influence the behavior of the trust settlor, as well as whether the settlor had the mental ability to form a valid trust. These claims include:

  • Undue influence
  • Fraud
  • Incapacity

Disputes over trusts can also arise with respect to their administration. Beneficiaries or other interested parties may allege that the trustee has not managed trust assets properly, paid himself or herself more than is reasonable for trust administration expenses, or otherwise breached a fiduciary duty. No matter what the claim, any trust dispute requires diligent representation committed to results — the kind our Fort Myers attorneys have years of experience providing.

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