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Fort Myers Out-Of-State Heir Lawyer

The distance that relatives feel being far from their families is only amplified when a loved one passes away.

While it may at first not be a pressing priority for relatives who live out of state, they can be at a disadvantage when it comes to the administration of a loved one’s estate. Children may feel this distance most acutely, but estate matters equally concern grandchildren, siblings and other extended family members — anyone who is positioned to be named a beneficiary in a will or trust.

Being outside of Florida does not mean that you have to forego legal representation during the probate administration process in Florida. Our attorneys regularly represent heirs who live in other states to ensure that their interests are represented during legal proceedings. What does this entail?

  • Ensuring timely identification and distribution of estate assets
  • Challenging the terms of a will or trust where there are legal grounds
  • Maintaining communication with personal representatives

With our legal help, out-of-state heirs can have confidence that they are treated fairly during this important process.

We also work with personal representatives in Florida to identify out-of-state heirs and notify them of probate proceedings.

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