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Fort Myers Wills & Trusts Lawyer

Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals for Distributing Their Assets

Wills and trusts are two types of estate planning documents that can be used to control what happens to your assets upon your death. Depending on your individual circumstances and goals, you may only need a simple will. Conversely, depending on such factors as your assets, liabilities, family status or health, a more complex will or a trust may be more appropriate.

At Kuhn Law Firm, P.A., we are committed to providing clients with personalized estate planning advice and assistance. Fort Myers will & trust lawyer Scott A. Kuhn can help you understand your options and draft the appropriate documents to meet your specific needs.

Understanding How Wills and Trusts Are Used in Florida

A will (also known as a last will and testament) is the document that expresses your wishes as what is to occur upon your death. A typical will may address issues such as the distribution of assets, the naming of guardians or trustees for minor children, burial or cremation, and other final arrangements.

In order to carry out the wishes expressed in your will, your personal representative (executor) may need to go through a public estate administration process in probate court.

One way to avoid the delay and expense of the probate process is to put your assets in a trust. This is a separate legal entity that allows you to continue to use your assets during your lifetime but permits your chosen trustee to transfer these assets to your beneficiaries outside of probate after your death.

There are several types of trusts, including revocable trusts (also known as living trusts), irrevocable trusts and tax savings and charitable trusts. Scott Kuhn can advise you on whether a trust is right for you, and if so, what type of trust you should create to achieve your individual goals.

Contact our Experienced Fort Myers Wills & Trusts Lawyers at 239-333-4529

To learn more about how Fort Myers will & trust lawyer Scott A. Kuhn can help you put together a plan based on your circumstances and priorities, please contact us at 239-333-4529 or by e-mail to schedule a free consultation.

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