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Trustees must act in the bests of the trust or face legal action

When people create an estate plan they trust that the people who are administering this plan will work to carry out their final wishes. Florida residents take great care using estate planning documents for the benefit of their loved ones. However, they do need to rely on others to carry it out after their death.

This is particularly true with trusts. In these cases, the trustee is responsible for carrying out the intentions of the trust. As the trustee works to administer the trust, the trust is supposed to benefit the beneficiaries. Through everything, the trustee is always supposed to act in the best interests of the trust.

However, family members throughout Florida may notice that the trustee is not fulfilling the duties the person has been assigned. In these cases, the trust and the beneficiaries may suffer from the lapse in judgment of the trustee. When people suspect self-dealing, conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duties or other misdeeds, the trust administration process can be compromised.

An attorney can help in the situations. An attorney can make it clear what a trustee is supposed to be doing during the trust administration process. Not only can an attorney help to explain this to the trustee, but also to any beneficiaries of the trust. With an extra set of eyes on the situation many estate planning issues can be avoided.

The attorneys at Kuhn Law Firm, P.A. understand the complex issues surrounding estate and trust administration. Particularly, we know how difficult it can be for trustees in Florida to carry out their duties. We work with trustees to ensure that they understand their legal rights and obligations. We also work with families to make sure they understand their estate administration goals and how a particular estate plan will help meet them.

With the right help estate complexities can be made much easier. For more information on trust administration, and how our firm can help the trustee, please see our website.

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