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Which Family Member Has Priority to Serve as Executor of My Estate?

By Rusty |

Estate litigation is often the consequence of a person dying suddenly and without leaving a will. Different heirs and family members may assert competing legal rights in the deceased person’s estate. Florida’s intestacy laws are designed to sort out such claims, which can still require the parties to expend a good deal of time… Read More »

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Is There a Time Limit to Establish Paternity in a Probate Case?

By Rusty |

A common source of estate litigation is paternity claims. That is to say, individuals claiming to be a child of the deceased claim a share of the parent’s estate. In cases where the parent died intestate–without leaving a will–the children have certain inheritance rights under law. And this includes any children born outside of… Read More »

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When Can My Children Challenge My Will?

By Rusty |

One of the main reasons for drafting a Florida will is to minimize the opportunity for fights among your children (or other family members) after you die. Unfortunately, even with a will things do not always go smoothly. If one of your children suspects your will was the product of undue influence or fraud,… Read More »

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