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Tag Archives: Florida Estate Planning


Which Family Member Has Priority to Serve as Executor of My Estate?

By Rusty |

Estate litigation is often the consequence of a person dying suddenly and without leaving a will. Different heirs and family members may assert competing legal rights in the deceased person’s estate. Florida’s intestacy laws are designed to sort out such claims, which can still require the parties to expend a good deal of time… Read More »

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Does Signing a Prenup Affect My Rights Under My Spouse’s Will or Trust?

By Rusty |

Florida estate planning typically involves executing a will or trust. But there are other legal documents that can affect your estate plan as well. If you are married–or about to get married–you and your partner may wish to have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place. Although we usually associate such agreements with divorce,… Read More »

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Will Congress Abolish “Stepped-up Basis” as Part of Tax Reform?

By Rusty |

Republican leaders in Congress recently released an outline of their massive tax reform proposal. As we discussed recently, such talk should not delay your own estate planning. But you still need to keep an eye on the political negotiations over tax reform, as many of the yet-to-be-decided details may force you to rethink some… Read More »

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