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Should Fort Myers residents opt for a will or a trust?

Local residents want to know whether they should have a trust carry out their wishes after they are gone. They then want to know whether this step could do away with their wills. Despite the common nature of such questions, many Lee County residents are still wondering which direction is best for them.

The answer to the question depends on the particular needs and wants of the individual. One of the best parts about estate planning is the way it can be customized for virtually anyone. This is because the priority is on your wishes. No one can tell you to do a will or a trust. You get to decide.

Local Fort Myers estate planning lawyers will digest your estate planning goals and explain the functions of a will or a trust. If you want to maintain control over assets after death, then maybe a trust is the way to go. A trust can survive its creator and direct the distribution of assets according to preconceived terms.

If you want to simply make sure assets are directed in the proper way and do not want to get overly complex or pay too much, a simple will may be appropriate. In addition to these decisions, local estate planning professionals can also set you up with powers of attorney, living wills, and healthcare directives to ensure all the legal paperwork is in order for your later years.

The peace of mind a comprehensive and well thought out estate plan can provide is priceless. No matter what it is you want to do with your hard-earned wealth, local attorneys are there to answer your questions and help provide a framework in which your wishes can be honored.

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