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Qualities that can help identify the perfect guardian

There are two types of guardians. One kind is someone who will manage a person’s estate after they have passed away, while the other is someone who will become the parent of their dependent child if the parents have died. Choosing the correct guardian for your children can be complicated. So here are some qualities to look for in an individual when setting up a guardianship.

When considering candidates for guardianship, remember that just because someone can manage financial affairs well, they may not possess the proper qualities to become parents. So look carefully at the individual. Does he or she have children of their own? Do you feel that they are raising these children the way you raise yours? Are both your values the same? Would your children and this person’s children get along under the same roof? Examining questions like these can shine some light on someone’s ability as a potential guardian.

It’s also important to consider the financial stability of the guardian you are considering. Parenting is an expensive undertaking and choosing someone who is unable to properly provide for your children may be challenging. And while most parents leave their estate to their children, the guardian will still need to provide food, shelter and health care for your child.

Another factor to look into is the age of the prospective guardian. Are they young enough to guide your children into adulthood before he or she becomes frail or ill? It’s also important to consider the guardian’s potential health. Do they suffer from a chronic disease that may affect them severely down the road? A guardian’s inability to stay healthy can affect their ability to parent.

Finally, discuss this situation with the potential guardian and make sure that he or she agrees with your decision. Naming the guardian without previously discussing the situation can result in the guardian declining the responsibility, which then means that a court will be forced to appoint a guardian. Therefore, any Florida resident who is considering adding a guardianship clause in their will may want to discuss this situation with an experienced estate planning attorney.

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