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Florida courts help heirs through estate administration

This blog regularly reports on the difference between a will and a trust. The most commonly cited difference is that trusts are private documents which can be administered, generally, without court supervision. Wills on the other hand must go through a probate process that is overseen by Florida courts.

After decades of guiding heirs through the process of estate administration, the courts have put together helpful information for those apprehensive about probate. They have even produced instructional videos to give loved ones a primer on what they can expect during probate.

From formal administration to summary administration, courts are a necessary part of tying up loose ends after someone’s death. Opening a probate and transferring assets, though, may not be enough. As Florida courts point out, their suggestions are not legal advice and those with questions about the administration of an estate should seek out an experienced attorney.

For instance, many people have a will and a trust. Others have ownership interests in small businesses, while even more have assets such as pensions and retirement accounts. Not all of these things can be completely conveyed and resolved in a probate. Instead, other administration strategies may need to be employed.

Local Lee estate planning attorneys can help families through the administration of an estate. From probate to the resolution of other assets, these experienced lawyers know how to conduct the administration in an efficient manner that avoids future headaches. Too often, proper administration is avoided and later generations are forced to clean up the mess.

Source: Florida Courts, “Probate,” Accessed on August 26, 2014

Source: Florida Courts, “Probate,” Accessed on August 26, 2014

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