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Family fails to gain control of famous blues guitarist’s affairs

Many Florida residents know how important solid estate planning is for both themselves and their families. By investing the proper amount of time and effort, and by keeping all of their estate documents such as wills and trusts up to date, Florida residents can prevent misunderstandings between family members and other professionals who work with them, such as accountants and business managers. Unfortunately for several family members of one blues guitar legend, mistrust in their father’s manager has forced them to try to gain control of their father’s assets.

Recently, three of blues star B.B. King’s children went to court in an attempt to wrest control of their father’s assets and affairs from the guitarist’s long time manager. The siblings believe that King’s manager has been stealing money from King’s accounts and abusing him by not providing him with the proper medical care. They also believe that the manager is preventing them from visiting their father.

However, a judge has stated that two separate investigations could find no indications that King’s manager was neglecting him. The judge declared that the manager could still remain in control all of the blues legend’s financial and legal affairs.

King, 89, continues to suffer from diabetes and remains in hospice care. He was not present at the court hearing. King’s manager denies the allegations by King’s children. The manager also states that the siblings can still see King by scheduling their visits.

One of King’s daughters petitioned the court for guardianship of the guitarist. But, a family Court Hearing Master believed that there was no reason for this request since investigations by both the social services department and the police uncovered nothing suspicious.

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