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Comic’s children continue to wage estate battle with his spouse

A battle over a decedent’s estate can turn ugly very fast. So many Florida residents have tried to avoid this type of legal squabble by developing a solid estate administration plan. However, one celebrated comic’s family continues to wage a legal fight over his assets with his wife.

Comic genius Robin Williams’ three children have gone to court this month to try and prevent what they say is his wife’s attempt to increase her share of his estate. His children believe that this is not legal and that it unfairly penalizes them. They believe that the wife is holding on to William’s personal property that rightfully belongs to them.

The battle began after the suicide of the beloved comedian. His children have stated that the estate’s trustees have determined how to divide up all of William’s personal property. However, his wife filed a petition asking a judge to exclude all of the items in the home, including jewelry and memorabilia from the trustee’s decision. Williams’ had left the home to his wife.

Williams’ children have accused his wife of not relinquishing all of the property in the home that they are entitled to. Through their attorney, they have also stated that the trustees have also settled on an amount of money to be kept in a reserve fund that will be used to cover any costs associated with the upkeep of the home. They believe that his wife is trying to guarantee herself a degree of income from his estate to which she is not entitled.

 One way to avoid potential squabbles that this example illustrates is to make sure that one has a solid estate administration plan including a durable will. Any Florida resident who is considering their estate options may want to consult with an estate planning attorney in order to fully understand their choices.

Source:, “Robin Williams’ kids ask judge to toss wife’s estate claims,” Aug. 19, 2015


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