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Category Archives: Guardianship


What Are the Rules for Establishing a Florida Guardianship?

By Rusty |

Florida guardianship cases must follow certain rules spelled out in state law. After all, when a guardianship is established, the subject loses certain legal rights, including the ability to make basic choices about their finances and living arrangements. It is therefore critical that the parties to a guardianship proceeding ensure the subject receives due… Read More »

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Palm Beach Court Rejects Efforts to Sue Professional Guardian

By Rusty |

Florida guardianship practices continue to draw media and legal scrutiny. Recently a state court in Palm Beach brought an anticlimactic resolution to a long-running dispute over alleged guardianship fraud. The case reiterates the importance of careful estate planning to avoid the necessity for a guardianship in the event the worst happens to you. According… Read More »

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Preventing Elder Abuse in Florida Guardianships

By Rusty |

Elder abuse is an all-too-common problem in Florida. The state’s most vulnerable residents are frequently the victims of unscrupulous strangers, caregivers, and even family members who take advantage of the person’s declining mental and physical condition. In theory, Florida law protects these individuals through the appointment of a guardian–either a close relative or a… Read More »

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