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Are you creating your first will? Answer these questions

The process of creating a will can be every bit as stressful as it sounds. While there may be some roadblocks standing in your way, here’s something to remember: There is no challenge too big that it should stop you from moving forward in a timely manner.

When creating your first will, here are some of the more important questions to answer:

  • Will you include a loved one in the process? For example, if you are married, you will want to include your spouse in the process of creating a will. Taking this one step further, separate wills make good sense, so you and your spouse may want to tackle the process at the same time.

  • Who will you name as the executor? This is the person who will manage your will and see through the final details upon your passing. Some people choose a family member, while others turn to a trusted friend. Generally speaking, the choice is yours. Just make sure you select a trustworthy and reliable person for this important task.

  • Who will you name as the guardian of your minor children? If you have children under the age of 18 this is a question you need to answer. You want to know that your children will be well cared for in the event that you and your spouse pass on.

Once you create your first will you will feel better about the future. However, here’s one last thing to keep in mind: You should review your will every now and again to ensure that it still makes sense for you and your family.

You should do whatever it takes to clear your mind when creating a will. It’s imperative that you answer every question and make all the right moves. This is the only way to feel confident in your estate plan.

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