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Can You Sue an Executor After an Estate Is Closed?

By Rusty |

Although most Florida probate estates are administered without incident, there are cases where an heir or beneficiary may have reason to believe the executor is not adequately performing his or her duties. Florida probate law provides a number of ways for beneficiaries to address their concerns during the estate administration process. But what about… Read More »

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When Is Summary Administration of a Florida Estate Justified?

By Rusty |

There are situations where formal probate of a Florida estate is unnecessary. In these cases a deceased person’s heirs can file a petition for summary administration, a simplified probate process. Normally, summary administration is only available after the decedent has been dead for at least 2 years (and no prior estate was opened) or… Read More »

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Who Is Considered an “Interested Person” in My Estate?

By Rusty |

A common issue in Florida estate and probate administration is determining who qualifies as an “interested person.” This is a legal term used to describe someone who may be affected by the outcome of an estate administration. An interested person has certain legal rights within the probate process, so it is important to understand… Read More »

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How Do I Challenge the Validity of a Will in Florida?

By Rusty |

There are a number of situations where a party may need to contest the validity of a Florida will. One legal tool that a party may use to protect its interests is the filing of a “caveat.” This is essentially a notice filed with the probate court reserving the right to be notified if… Read More »

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