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Tag Archives: Florida Power of Attorney


How Can I Limit My Florida Power of Attorney?

By Rusty |

Many people are put off by the idea of a Florida Power of Attorney because they fear giving someone else complete control of their property and finances. But powers of attorney are not an all-or-nothing proposition. To the contrary, you are free to grant as many, or as few, powers to your agent as… Read More »

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I Already Have a Power of Attorney? Do I Also Need a Will?

By Rusty |

When it comes to Florida estate planning, many people look for shortcuts. They do not appreciate the fact that different legal documents cover different situations. For example, some Florida residents think that they do not need a will or trust because they’ve already given a family member a power of attorney, and that will… Read More »

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Can a Relative Sign a Contract For Me Without a Power of Attorney?

By Rusty |

A Florida power of attorney means there is someone with the authority to act in your name should you be unavailable. Having a power of attorney is therefore crucial if there is any need to execute a contract on your behalf. After all, you cannot be legally obligated by a contract that neither you… Read More »

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Miami Doctors Debate Whether to Honor DNR Order Tattooed on Patient’s Chest

By Rusty |

Every Florida resident should a valid power of attorney for health care and a living will. The former names a person to make medical decisions for you or speak with your doctors if you are unable to do so. The latter provides advance instructions as to your wishes in the event you have a… Read More »

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