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Tag Archives: Florida Estate administration


Can a Stepchild Inherit From a Florida Estate?

By Rusty |

Dying without a Florida will means your probate estate will pass under the state’s intestacy laws. Many people do not see the problem with this. Say you are unmarried and are survived by two children. Under Florida intestacy law, your children would automatically inherit your entire estate in the absence of a will. Sounds… Read More »

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Miami-Dade Senator Proposes Informal Process for Inheriting Bank Accounts Under $10,000

By Rusty |

Florida law currently provides a number of ways to help you distribute your assets upon death without the need for formal probate. For example, you can open a joint checking account with your spouse or child, which ensures that the surviving account holder automatically inherits all of the funds (unless you provide otherwise). Alternatively,… Read More »

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